Prevents DISEASES of
cardio-vascular system!

This unparalleled natural product is used in therapeutic and dietary nutrition and is made from Fucus Vesiculosus algae that grow in the ecologically clean area of the White sea, with the addition of selenium.

The product contains polysaccharide fucodian whose multi-way biological effects are proven by scientific research in Japan, USA, Russia, France - it has a marked antiviral effect, reducing the level of blood cholesterol, possesses coagulant properties.

Cardial cures multiple disorders, including:

Effect of Cardial

Acts as anticoagulator, i.e. decelerates blood-clotting, precluding the formation of thrombi.

Generally reduces the level of blood cholesterol, heightens the level of “good” cholesterol.

Decelerates the build-up of cholesterol plaques in blood-vessels, reducing atherosclerotic deviations.

Protects the heart from the activity of free radicals, reducing oxygen deficiency in heart tissue.

Advantages of Cardial

  • Due to its jelly (gel) form, the BAS of the product absorb much better, in comparison with the dry BAS.
  • Compatible with any PP, eliminates the side-effects of strong pharmaceuticals prescribed for the treatment of cardio-vascular diseases.
  • A totally natural product, all of its components are in the organic state.
  • Helps to supply the organism with the necessary macro- and microelements and vitamins.
  • Purifies the organism from harmful substances and toxins.
  • Has a minimum of side-effects, contraindications.

Clinical testing

Clinical tests that were carried out in a hospital unit of CCH RAS in 2009, proved: the inclusion of Cardial into the diet of patients with hypertonia and CAD, resulted in the general reduction of cholesterol by the average of 12%, significant reduction of low-density “bad” cholesterol LDL (by 19%); the reduction of blood-glucose level by 9,1%.

High concentration of ion potassium, calcium, and magnesium, benefits cardio-vascular system, normalizes blood-pressure, muscle contractions, vascular permeability; polysaccharides resist the formation of thrombi, normalize blood-pressure.

As they decrease the level of cholesterol, Fucus-containing medicaments thereby reduce the quantity of lipids in the blood, precluding, or suspending the development of atherosclerotic vascular and brain disease, and also of IHD.

Cardial can be recommended to patients with pathologies in the cardio-vascular system (ischemic heart disease, hypertensive disease, hyperlipidemia), as preventative treatment, and within a therapeutic complex for the treatment of cardio-vascular diseases.

Give the unique Russian invention an opportunity to strengthen your heart, normalize the metabolism of fat and cholesterol and thereby, to extend the years of healthy life for you.

Unique properties

Unique raw materials

Fucus contains 42 elements that are vital for normal performance of human organism: potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, sulfur, iodine, silica, phosphorus, iron, selenium, barium, vitamins А, В1-В3,В12,С,D3,Е,К,F,H), pantothenic and folic acids, polysaccharides, amino acids, fiber, and others.

Unique technology

The production process is free from extraneous chemical compounds and high temperatures.

Cardial offers a unique method of delivering to the organism polysaccharides and all the active components - GEL!
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