Salmon roe technology

Salmon farming - a new source of unique material for producing many different products. Immature salmon roe - is a good source for next-generation products.

Our unique technology makes it possible to separate fish eggs from connective tissue at any stage of development in industrial volumes. Just imagine, our technology allows you to process up to 300 kg of salmon roe per hour!

Farm grown salmon breeds fish for the world market. Potentially the output of immature salmon row cold reach thousands of tonnes. The output today is over 5 million tonnes per year. This is a huge potential for our technology!

The new technology step by step


The machine made of stainless steel separates 300 kg of salmon roe per hour and rinse it several times. The result - a sterile product.


Salted roe is brought to the required level in the brine at a very low temperature. The process is based on the variation of salt concentration and temperature of the mechanically activated eggs in solution.


Caviar carefully sorted and packed in a metal container under vacuum. Shelf life - several years without freezing.

Attention! Our technology is cleaner and therefore completely harmless to the environment. Raw material can be frozen and transported without any loss of quality.

The technology is protected by RF patent.

Caviar is not only delicious, but also incredibly useful product, which contains:

Total oil (Lipids) in farm grown salmon row is around 20-25 % EPA plus DHA is 22-25%.

Global production of fish oil is around one million tonnes.

The daily recommended intake of EPA plus DHA of 0.25 to 0.50 g. 10 g of salmon roe provides a sufficient daily intake of EPA and DHA to help prevent cardiovascular diseases. Fresh food is better than vitamin tablets.

Useful and tasty products from the salmon roe

(of dry eggs)
smoked sausages
Rus Eng