Innovative solution
against digestion disorders

This natural product is unparalleled – Piloris is used in therapeutic and dietary nutrition and is made from Fucus Vesiculosus algae that grow in the ecologically clean area of the White sea.

The unique substances contained in Brown algae are vital for the organism – alginates, fucoidan, as well as organic iodine.

One remedy with multi-way effect:

Russian scientists developed a unique technology for the production of Piloris. Piloris offers a unique method of delivering polysaccharides and all active components to GIT areas - GEL!

Gel acts in two directions simultaneously:

Local action:

gel coats the mucous membrane of gullet and stomach, and remains on the membrane for over an hour, creating film that shields and cures it, producing immediate effect.

Systemic action:

under this protective film the absorption of active substances and polysaccharides lasts longer ensuring systemic curative effect.

This two-way action results in the recovery of a smooth protective mucigenic membrane which is the main shield for the deeper layers of tissue against the harmful effect of hydrochloric acid, components of pharmaceuticals, and occasional mechanical influence of rough foods.

The mucous membrane in stomach and other areas of GIT are totally renovated and start functioning autonomously.

Due to systemic action, dynamic renovation and recovery of epithelial cells of stomach, the creation of protective coating, the basic processes within human GIT system normalize.

Effect of Piloris

The treatment of widespread hard-curing GIT diseases, such as colitis (inflammation of colon).

The main symptoms of chronic colitis include chronic diarrhea or constipation, pain in various abdominal areas, flatulence. Frequently observed symptoms include weight loss, nausea, belching, bitter taste in the mouth, general indisposition, decreasing performance.
Piloris is highly efficient in fighting pathogenic microorganisms within the intestine, normalizes its microflora, stimulates the protective functions of the organism, while preventing and restraining the development of intestinal infections.

Prevention and complex therapy of ulcer-related diseases of GIT.

Piloris contains a powerful enterosorbent (alginic acids and their salts), which inhibits inflammation in the GIT, contributes to the regeneration of the affected mucous membrane.
Ulcer is normally treated by strong antibiotics with multiple discomforting effects, most frequently causing antibiotic-associated diarrhea. Piloris successfully cures this problem and normalizes intestinal performance.

Eliminates the cause of heartburn which can be both, a separate disease and a symptom of a more grave GIT disease.

Normalizes stool habit, abates distention and flatulence – major indicators of the quality of performance of the gastrointestinal tract.

Piloris stimulates intestinal activity, cleaning the intestines from “junk”: undigested food debris, waste, fermentation byproducts that breed putrefactive bacteria.

Cures intestinal dysbacteriosis, stimulates the growth of normal and natural microflora.

Protects liver.

Sulphated polysaccharide fucodian, contained in Piloris, has immunomodulatory, anticoagulant, antitumoral, antivirus, and other types of activity, and is a strong hepatoprotector – normalizes the structure and function of liver, improves its condition during grave diseases, such as chronic hepatitis.

Advantages of Piloris

  • Due to the jelly (gel) form, the BAS of the product can be digested much better than dry BAS.
  • Compatible with any PP, eliminates the side-effects from the use of antibiotics.
  • A totally natural product, all of its components are in the organic state.
  • Piloris helps to supply the organism with the necessary macro- and microelements and vitamins.
  • Piloris purifies the organism from harmful substances and toxins accumulating in the GIT.
  • Has a minimum of side-effects, contraindications.

Triggers the regeneration and renewal of impaired, or non-functional cells in all areas of GIT, and also in glandular organs – liver, pancreas.

Restores the ability of stomach to generate acids and ferments assisting the process of food digestion and normal function of GIT organs.

Has an exceptional property - overall prolonged rejuvenation in all areas and organs of GIT, elimination of multiple sources of illnesses. As a result, GIT function is regulated without the aid of pharmaceuticals.

Indispensable for convalescence from acute exacerbations of GIT diseases, this product can be used as a diet staple throughout the period of recovery.

Unique properties

Unique raw materials

Fucus contains 42 elements that are vital for normal performance of human organism: potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, sulfur, iodine, silica, phosphorus, iron, selenium, barium, vitamins А, В1-В3,В12,С,D3,Е,К,F,H), pantothenic and folic acids, polysaccharides, amino acids, fiber, and others.

Unique technology

The production process is free from extraneous chemical compounds and high temperatures.

CCH RAS carried out clinical tests of the effect of Piloris upon ulcerous erosions in upper areas of digestive tract. The tests confirmed beneficial effect of the product throughout the course of diseases and improvement of patients’ condition, decreasing the cases of nausea, vomiting, heartburn, flatulence, constipation and pain-syndrome.

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